brand/Social Media management

Developing a strategic plan to gain brand value and social media awareness requires a comprehensive understanding of your brand, your target audience, and the companies overall vision.

what is good brand management?

Our SmyleNetwork team believes that a good brand is not just what you do for your customers but also how you make them feel.

We are here to create a visual, representation of the embodiment of what it means to be YOU! Smyle… The world is watching!

Minimal Design

Responsive Design

Creative Idea

what is good social media management?

At SmyleNetwork, we create and manage top-performing social media campaigns for businesses. We use relevant social media marketing services to help businesses grow while offering search engine optimization, email marketing services, and more!


Ad Management


Content Creation


Social Media Monitoring

Social Media Services


Social Media Design

Whether it’s your Facebook profile, Twitter feed, or graphics for timeline posts, social media design is an important element to incorporate.

Visual Content Creation

We design and develop sophisticated websites that centralize your marketing strategy for a user experience that is unique to you and your customers.

Get a quote » Starts from $500

Feed Re-design/photo editing

With advanced intelligence and manual efforts, our team will conduct a security audit of your platform. Get your website tested by a team of qualified experts and uncover weaknesses in your security.

Get a quote » Starts from $350

design consultation

Our website maintenance and support team guarantees that your site is running efficiently with minimal downtime. With our 24-hour response time, we ensure your website edits are done on time, while also paying attention to any broken scripts or bugs that need fixing.

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We take a responsible and measured approach to systems integration. Our priority is to define the user needs and business objectives and then create a working prototype that will visualize the design and development solution.

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Social Media Management

Our team will manage your social media presence on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter by creating, publishing, and analyzing content you post.

The Good | 2 Social Media Channels

 – 3 Posts Per Week

– 2 Story Post

– Hashtag Research

– General Feed

– Graphic Design

– Content Calendar Access

–  Weekly Calls/Updates

Get a quote » Starts from $1000

The Better | 3 social media channels

– 4 Post Per Week

– 4 Story Post 

– Community Engagement

– Hashtag Research

– General Feed

– Graphic Design

– Content Calendar Access

Weekly Calls/ Updates

– One Live Photo Session For Monthly IG Feed

Get a quote » Starts from $1600

The Best | Full Management

All Social Media Channels

– 5 Posts Per Week

 – 5 Story Posts

– Community Engagement

– Hashtag Research

– General Feed

– Graphic Design

– Content Calendar Access

– Weekly Calls/Updates

– One Live Photo Session For Monthly IG Feed

– Weekly Content Shoots/Videography

Get a quote » Starts from $2900

Custom | Email For Quote

– Social Media Strategy

– Ad Management

– Influencer Marketing

– Monthly Content Shoots With our Creative Studio

– 5 Feed Posts

– 5 Story Posts on 3 Channels

– Expert Caption Copywriting

– Engagement and Community Management

– Hashtag Research

– Graphic Design for Social Media

– Content Calendar

– In-Depth Analytics Tracking

– Bi-Weekly Calls.

what does a good brand have?

Minimal Design

Minimalism aims for simplicity and objectivity. We believe that the simplest ideas often communicate the quickest.

Responsive Design

Providing an optimal experience for the user translates into a positive perception of your brand and business.

Creative Idea

Innovative design will help you create a strong impression while building brand identity and consumer trust.

Our Work

We do not shy away from complexity. With SmyleNetwork, you get responsiveness, personalized service, and a scalable workforce that can meet the needs of both emerging projects and large corporate intiatives.

Brand Guideline Tool

You will have access to your own personal brand guideline tool.


Poppins Semibold 32pt

Poppins Regular 24pt

Poppins Regular 16pt

Think of your brand identity as your company’s personality. By defining your brand style, we will help you effectively present your brand to your target audience. We will work together to craft your company’s voice and create an identity that is unique to your brand.